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"I was looking for a book that would be engaging and have an intriguing fiction story and this was totally it! From the first chapter I was hooked and couldn't put the book down. It is not a hard read but very engaging and captures the reader. You will definitely enjoy this novel."

"A great medical mystery. It was such a great story line. Once I started the book, I couldn’t put it down! I like how it switches from one character's experience to another. You think the book is going to head one way, then it heads in a totally different direction."


4.1 of 5 stars
118 ratings on Amazon

Two genetic researchers are brutally slain on a remote beach in the Bahamas. The investigation falls to Dr. Natalie Franklin, the small-town Medical Examiner working her first murder case. As she struggles to make sense of the bizarre forensic clues, she begins to suspect that the bio-tech company Keller Corporation is up to something sinister. When researcher Greg Cooper discovers another dead body, it seems like a horrible accident, but it isn’t long before Greg and Natalie are racing to unlock the secret of the Mendelian Protocol before becoming casualties themselves.


4.1 of 5 
on Amazon

30 ratings
as of 3/22

"I love how he tied the book The Great Gatsby into his story..."


"I love a good summer murder mystery and this fits the bill!"

~Amazon Reviews

What do you get when you take a cozy murder mystery, combine it with a fast-paced thriller, and throw in a dose of 1980s nostalgia?

The year is 1985.  After he drops out of medical school, Christopher decides to move to Nantucket Island for a change of scene.  He gets a job working at a dive bar where he becomes fast friends with the locals.  But when a dead body turns up, he begins to wonder about his recent life change and his new co-workers.  So, when the killer begins communicating with him using passages from the classic novel The Great Gatsby, he begins to question his own sanity.  The puzzle unwinds like a countdown clock until there’s no time left.  Will Christopher succumb to his demons, or will he expose the evil lurking in the shadows?  Like in any good story, the end is impossible to predict.

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4.3 of 5 stars on Amazon as of March 2022

"I liked this book as it was more believable than most. It did not overwhelm me with science or religion but mixed them nicely into a very believable story."


~IntuitiveEyes, Amazon review




"Fantastic story. Lots of action and suspense. The surprises just keep coming. Great characters, very realistic. Hard to put down. New author for me. I will read more of his books."

When a homeless patient is brought into his Emergency Department in Washington, D.C., Dr. Connor Larson is puzzled by the brain implant he finds on CAT scan.  He has never seen anything remotely like it.  Determined to find answers, he takes pictures of the brain scan--but it isn't long before he regrets his curiosity and finds himself on the run from would-be assassins.  Desperate, he goes to his ex-lover for help, and they escape D.C. only to become fugitives.  On the run from law enforcement and a shadowy military contractor, they enlist the help of an old friend to evade capture.  Together they come up with a bold plan to expose the truth, no matter the cost.  Will they succumb to the shadows that are hunting them, or triumph against the misguided genius that created The Insanity Criterion?

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1) 1920s detective mystery
2) A sci-fi horror thriller
3) A brief reflection on life's bigger questions

"Three Stories" is just that -- three carefully crafted short stories with strange twists... All three would be perfect for an autumn night in front of a fire."

~Ms. Poe, Amazon Reviewer


Heading 1

Dr Stephen O'Neill is working the night shift when a woman is brought into his Emergency Department with bible verses burned into her skin. After putting her on life support and admitting her to the Intensive Care Unit, he reports the victim’s wounds to the local sheriff’s office. He soon finds himself investigating on behalf of the victim, who is not expected to survive. Before long he forms a bond with Deputy Emily Holland and they begin to suspect that a local religious sect—some would call it a cult—may be involved.
When another victim’s body is found, it becomes a race to decipher the biblical references and find the executioner before more people are killed. Can O’Neill and Holland solve the puzzle of the Armageddon Prophecy before Judgement Day arrives? The fate of the world may hang in the balance.