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The Official Website of Author Raymond Finkle

'Mr. Finkle writes page-turners that simply cannot be predicted.'-MB

'the perfect blend of sci-fi thriller meets murder mystery'-AF

Raymond Finkle is the author of five action and suspense thrillers.  

He is currently working on a horror novel.


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'I read it in one day.  Couldn't put it down.'-A

'The suspense never lets up. The plot is cleverly layered, combining hijacking, cybercrime, and a plane crash into a thriller you’ll be reading long into the night. I loved it!'-BS

'There is no way that anyone could have seen this one coming. To say that the last 40 pages was a roller coaster ride would be a huge understatement.'-TI

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"Three Stories" is just that -- three carefully crafted short stories with strange twists... All three would be perfect for an autumn night in front of a fire."~Ms. Poe, Amazon Reviewer

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'Because the story is so intimate you will, no doubt , feel like a participant instead of just a reader. So be reminded its not all fun and games...and things will get ugly, but it's definitely worth the trip.'-H

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