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Raymond Finkle is a physician who writes mystery and suspense thrillers.   He is currently working on a horror novel.


Sky Heist is a cross between 'Ocean's Eleven' and an episode of 'Air Disasters.'

When NTSB agent John Tubman is called to investigate the downing of a commercial airliner, he knows it won't be a routine case. He rushes to the crash scene only to find the area crawling with FBI agents. He soon finds that what has transpired was no accident, and incredibly, the story is far from over. Agent Tubman solves one layer of the mystery of Flight 227 only to be confounded by more questions. He keeps digging and picks up the trail of an unlikely band of criminals who planned the most ambitious theft in all of human history. The conclusion of Sky Heist isn't the explosive ending one might expect. The explosion is only the beginning.

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"Three Stories" is just that -- three carefully crafted short stories with strange twists... All three would be perfect for an autumn night in front of a fire."~Ms. Poe, Amazon Reviewer

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When a homeless patient is brought into his Emergency Department in Washington, D.C., Dr. Conor Larson is puzzled by the brain implant he finds on CAT scan.  He has never seen anything remotely like it.  Within minutes, the patient goes into cardiac arrest and dies.  Determined to find answers, Dr. Larson takes pictures of the brain scan to keep on his phone--but it isn't long before he regrets his curiosity and finds himself on the run from would-be assassins.  Desperate, he goes to his ex-lover for help, and they escape D.C. only to become fugitives.  On the run from law enforcement and a shadowy military contractor, they enlist the help of an old friend to evade capture.  Together they come up with a bold plan to expose the truth, no matter the cost.  Will they succumb to the shadows that are hunting them, or triumph against the misguided genius that created The Insanity Criterion?

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